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Dear friend and fellow business owner,

When I opened my first business (an auto repair shop), I needed customers, badly. So I spent the next four to five years, doing things that just flat out didn’t work. I tried everything, or so I thought. I felt mostly like I was banging my head against the wall. It seemed that nothing was going to help me. I did good work, treated my customers right, and tried my hardest, but in spite of all this, my business was struggling, and to make matters worse, I was working tons of hours, and making very little income. It was then, in my most desperate hour that I unlocked the secrets to getting more customers in a week, than I was currently getting in months. When I learned what to do, my business exploded. I started doing more sales in a week than I had done in entire months previously.

One of the biggest keys to that rapid growth was learning how to target market.

In a nutshell, target marketing is like shooting fish in a barrel, instead of shooting fish in a lake. Yes, good marketing will work either way, but why spend more than you have to marketing to people that are least likely to respond? Doesn’t it make more sense to market to people that are the MOST likely to respond to the specific offer your making?

When I put this knowledge to work in my business I saw results. But I ran into a problem.

When people want to razor focus market their business, one of the toughest questions their going to face is, how do I get to my data? And once I get to it, how do I sort it in a way that optimizes my results? In a way that’s simple and easy so I don’t need a computer science degree to use it!

What good is all the best marketing materials in the world if you can’t get it to the right target market and client list?

Hi this is Bob Britton, recognized computer geek and marketing guru. I’ve been a user of Snap-on Shopkey/Mitchell Management software for years now. For the most part I like the software, it has some really nice features. However, when I started really looking to market my repair shops with all the powerful and results oriented marketing I’ve learned, I ran into some serious frustrations. What I’ve found is that more often than not, when faced with having to figure out how to access and manipulate their data, people have given up on using some of these great marketing ideas, because the task is just too difficult and complex. It doesn’t do any good to have all these great marketing ideas, if implementing them is so difficult that it doesn’t get done!

Have You Experienced Some of These All Too Common Frustrations With Accessing/Exporting Your Data?


No easy way to export your customers name and addresses to a text file. To be useable by any mailing house.

No Easy way to make a list of a specific set of customers. (i.e. Only GM owners, or only VW owners).

No Way to find only clients that are your top spenders. i.e. (have spent $1500 or more this year).

No easy way to do a mail merge with Microsoft Word and include customer data – for personalized mailings.

No easy way to make a list of customers that haven’t been in to see you in a while. (Lost customers).

No Ability to export your customers that have their e-mail address on file with you. And do a customized/personalized mailing to them.

No ability to export your customers home phone or cell phone numbers to do a personalized voice broadcast to them.

Total captivity of YOUR data!


So many people contacted me wanting an easy, simple way to get at and use their data, that I felt compelled to do something about it.

For years, I’ve worked to first, expose shop (and other business) owners to great marketing, that actually works, and then to show them how to use their database, in a way that makes them ridiculous amounts of money.

So finally after years of finding creative work-arounds, and trying to walk people through complicated steps, often taking hours and hours to teach, and implement, I’ve come up with a software tool designed to making accessing your data, and sorting it in creative and useful ways so brain dead simple, that anyone can use it.

With just two clicks of the mouse, you can do all of the following…

export a complete customer list to a text file

sort/export your customers by last visit

sort/export your customers by amount spent this year

sort/export by lifetime total spent (find your ‘A’ clients)

sort/export your customers by average sale (find who spends the most per visit)

sort/export by last visit date range (find who’s not been around in a while)

sort/export based on number of visits to your business

sort/export based on vehicle type (only VW owners, ect)

sort/export based on engine size/type (only GM 3.1L, 3.4L owners)

With 2 clicks of the mouse, export a list of your customers phone numbers either home, work, or cell phones.

…or any one of a number of other ways that generate profit for your shop, with razor focus marketing efforts.

It would take hours maybe weeks to generate these lists by hand, especially for larger databases, but with the Ultimate Data Tool – it takes just seconds.

This tool is designed by marketing experts from the ground up to be easy, expandable, and useable by anyone.

I use this tool everyday in the marketing efforts of my own repair shops, and businesses. Now I’m making it available to you, so you can see first hand the kind of increases that a tool like this can help you create.

If you’re a shop owner, and you own either Mitchell Manager, or Snap-On ShopKey, you owe it to yourself to do whatever it takes to get a copy of my software.

As important as having this amazing software, is the having access to the KILLER marketing that I use in my own businesses. So I’m going to include that too.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve developed and fine-tuned a dozen or more marketing campaigns, that have helped myself and dozens of other business owners generate a MASSIVE influx of new customers, and profits that many had only dreamed of before.

Wishing you all the best,

Bob Britton
(a.k.a. Computer Geek & Publicity Maniac www.robertbritton.com)

P.S. This tool could very well be the thing that takes your marketing efforts to the next level. With something so easy to use and yet so powerful, you can easily get your secretary or office clerk to do your marketing for you, saving you even more time and money!



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